Knowledge From the Past

There are many spiritual texts that exist to guide us on our walk through life.

Is one any better than another? Or does such a thing as better even exist?

The notion that some groups have a monopoly on the truth isn’t an old one. That sort of thinking has been around since time began.

People want to believe that they have some kind of exclusive rights on the truth. This results in harsh feelings and sometimes war.

The sad part is that different religions from all over the world must surely have the same origin, yet few acknowledge this.

How is it possible that so many different cultures have a creation story, a flood story, and many other similar components yet most of those cultures consider themselves vastly different, and almost always exclusively correct?

I was speaking to a pastor about this and asked him why he thought his religion was correct. His answers were all over the place and none of them satisfied me.

When we think about the core message to most of the world’s religions, it is important to see what they really were getting at.

For Christianity, Jesus set an example of helping people.

Throughout the course of His ministry, Jesus spent most of his time healing, preaching, and showing people a better way. One of the most important aspects of His ministry that is often forgotten is how he showed zero judgement toward any person or any group.

He accepted people for who they were. And he wanted us to do the same.

Unfortunately, that seems to be forgotten when it comes to dealing with refugees.

So many people say they don’t want to have anything to do with those kinds of people or they may only want to help people from a certain area or background.

Jesus was indiscriminate.

We should be too.


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